10 Very Useful Expressions With FAIRE

Here is a list of 10 Useful phrases that you may use in a French conversation. “Faire” literally means “to do” or “to make” and is mainly use when talking about the weather, also for sports & cultural activities. It is also used in many idiomatic expressions.


FaireTo do/to make
Il fait beau, mauvais etc...The weather is nice, bad
Faire du sportTo play sports
Faire de la musiqueTo play music
Faire attention ˆàTo pay attention to, watch out for
Faire la têteTo sulk
Faire semblantTo pretend
Faire la biseTo kiss
Faire la queueTo queue
Faire de son mieuxTo do one's best
Il fait jour, nuitTo be daylight, night time

Notes: The phrases ” Il fait beau/ mauvais/ jour/ nuit “ are always used with the impersonal pronoun “Il”  meaning “it” .

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