November 27, 2014


Ce n’est pas de la tarte!

Literal Translation: “It’s not some tart” Actual Meaning: it means that something is tricky, difficult to do or to handle. This is a colloquial expression that is usually elided to “C’est pas d’ la tarte.” Note that “ne” is not always pronounced in spoken French  


Tomber dans les pommes

Informal Expression: Tomber dans les pommes Literal Translation: To fall in the apples Actual Meaning: To faint, to pass out Il tombe dans les pommes quand il voit du sang.     He faints when he sees blood                            


10 Useful Phrases with “Être”

Être (to be) is one of the most important doing word in French. We have many expressions with the verb “to be” and I have selected a few ones that are very useful to know in everyday life. So learn how to say to be late, it doesn’t matter, that’s life etc… You can listen…


Home & House in French

“Home” is “La maison ou chez moi” in French Ex: Je vais à la maison / Je rentre chez moi         I am coming home   “House” is also translated by “la maison”  but has a more general meaning. Ex: C’est une belle maison!         It’s a beautiful house!


On y va & Allons-y !

To say  ”Let’s go there”  you can say  “On y va” or “Allons-y “ !     Notes: Make sure you make the liaison when you pronounced these 2 phrases. “Making the liaison” means that the last consonant of a word is linked with the vowel which begins the following word. On_ y va is…


Ça ne mange pas de pain!

You can often hear this expression among french people. Literal translation: That doesn’t eat any bread! Actual Meaning: That doesn’t cost much OR There’s no harm in trying ! So why not trying something because it doesn’t cost much and entails no risk! 😉 Ex: Téléphone à ton médecin, ça ne mange pas de pain! Notice: In…


Ça marche!

The expression “ça marche” is often used in everyday situations when someone agrees with what has just been said. Literal translation: That walks Actual meaning: Ok, that works!   Ex 1 – Tu peux venir à 6 heures ce soir. You can come at 6pm. – Ok, ça marche !  Ok that works!  But you…


I Don’ t Care…

“Je m’en fiche” is a familiar expression that means  “I don’ t care”…   But you will often hear people say “Je m’en fous” which is even more familiar than “Je m’en fiche” but used quite a lot in a conversation.   Note: As you can hear, we don’t often pronounce “e” of  “je”  in…

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