April 29, 2015


S’asseoir- To sit down

I have decided to write about this “special” verb “s’asseoir” (to sit (oneself) down) because I have noticed that many people don’t know how use it properly. Indeed, “ s’asseoir ” is not one of the easiest verbs to learn, as it is irregular and reflexive too… And on top of that, It also has two…


Best or Better ? That is the question…

Meilleur & Mieux both mean better or best when translated to English, but in French they have different meanings and which one you use depends on what you are trying to say. Deciding whether you need meilleur or mieux is essentially a question of deciding between bon and bien (See the lesson on Bon & Bien)  , but in a comparative or superlative…


L’apéro !

As a French person I must admit that “l’apéro” is a very important moment in a French person life especially during the sunny seasons! It is one of the many French traditions around food and just another opportunity to enjoy the French way of life. This word “apéritif” comes from the latin “apertivus”, derivated from…


Happy Easter – Joyeuses Pâques !

Easter Sunday celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection after his crucifixion, and marks the end of the fasting period of Lent according to Christian belief. In France during Easter festivities, many shops are decorated with chocolate rabbits, chickens, bells and fish. What are the “flying bells” ? Catholics believe that on Good Friday, all the church bells…

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