March 30, 2016


10 Common Phrases We Use With “Coup” (shot)

If I want to sum it up in three words, “un coup” is usually referred to something sudden, violent, quick but can be translated into various words in English such as  shot, hit, blow, knock, punch, stroke, but also “coup” when used in specific contexts. I’ve just selected a few phrases (Because there are many more…)…


10 Useful Phrases With “Aller” (To go)

[icegram campaigns=”2267″] The French verb “aller” is one of the most common French verbs and literally means “to go”. Like in English the verb “to go” is used to express a near future action. Example: I’m going to speak = Je vais parler Its irregular form is not going to be difficult to remember.  We use it…

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