Argh…Those Little Words That You Find Soooo Annoying !

So, What is a preposition?

Prepositions are those little words that are essential to sentences because they provide more details. They  link 2 related parts of a sentence. They are also placed in front of nouns to indicate a relationship between that noun and other words in a sentence.

So here is a list (but non exhaustive) of the most common ones. Listen to the audio as much as you want and practise them as much as you can !


ÀTo, at, of, inà la, ˆ à l', au, aux
ChezAt someone's place, at the home of
DansIn , into
DeOf, fromDe la, de l', du, des
DepuisSince, for
DevantIn front of
EnvironApproximately, about
ParBy, through
VersTowards, about


  •  Du = masculine words, De la = Feminine words, De l’ =  Feminine or masculine words starting with h or  vowel, Des = Fem/masc Plural words
  • Au = masculine words , à la= Feminine words , à l’ = Feminine or masculine words starting with h or  vowel , aux = Fem/masc Plural words

Try our Quiz and test your knowledge on those “annoying” prepositions 🙂



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