French Expressions


Ça (ne) fait pas long feu…

“Ça ne fait pas long feu” is a colloquial expression commonly used in French. Literal Translation: That doesn’t make long fire Actual Meaning : That doesn’t last long French Synonyme: ça ne dure pas longtemps   Ex: A chaque fois que j’achète des chocolats, ça ne fait pas long feu! Each time I buy chocolates,…


Du coup…

“Du coup” is an informal French expression mainly used in spoken French. It’s not something that you learn in textbooks or in a French class but you will definitely hear it among French native speakers. Literal Translation: Of/from the blow Actual Meaning: As a result, so   Ex: J’ai mangé trop de chocolat du coup…


Quand même!

“Quand même” is one of the most common expressions used in French. It can be translated into many different words in English, depending on the context. Literal translation: When even Actual Meaning(s): Finally, eventually, still, anyway, honestly etc… Listen to the Audios below & practice your pronunciation with the right intonation! Finally Imagine, you are waiting for a good…


Faire la gueule

This French expression is very familiar and means ” To pull a face, to be sulking over something or someone …” But to make it a little bit more formal, you can say “faire la tête” Ex: Arrête de faire la tête/la gueule!      Stop sulking!   Below, is a funny comic strip about a…


Ce n’est pas de la tarte!

Literal Translation: “It’s not some tart” Actual Meaning: it means that something is tricky, difficult to do or to handle. This is a colloquial expression that is usually elided to “C’est pas d’ la tarte.” Note that “ne” is not always pronounced in spoken French  


Tomber dans les pommes

Informal Expression: Tomber dans les pommes Literal Translation: To fall in the apples Actual Meaning: To faint, to pass out Il tombe dans les pommes quand il voit du sang.     He faints when he sees blood                            

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